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News and Comment December 2021

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14 December (Part 1) - Bedtime reading

My complaint that the Bexley Magazine is no longer available as a PDF download has been partially answered. I have been referred to a website that displays the last 19 issues - after a fashion.

It allows the pages to be browsed if your screen is big enough to display them at a reasonable size but there is no PDF Download facility. The webpage says that the restriction is imposed by Bexley Council.

On balance I think the 49 issues stacked under my bed is a better resource. Presumably a Freedom of Information request is an alternative for those who have more interesting uses for their bed.

Another reader’s comment about the same 11th December blog gave me a bit of a ticking off for ever feeling even very slightly sorry for Council Leader Teresa O’Neill. It was not too complimentary about the Erith and Thamesmead MP either. “Things were looking up when T. Pearce was in post. Itְ’s been a downward spiral ever since Abena Who ?


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