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News and Comment December 2021

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21 December (Part 1) - Bah Humbug!

Stretching out Good News Week until Friday won’t be easy and today’s effort may already be scraping the barrel. Wilton Road, Abbey Wood

Wilton Road, Abbey Wood. 11th December 2019.

Wilton Road, Abbey Wood

Wilton Road, Abbey Wood. 20th December 2021.

As may be seen above, Greenwich Council dragged out the same old Wilton Road lights as always but imaginatively swung them through 180 degrees. Bexley did nothing.

It is perhaps good news but the lack of lights on the Bexley side of the road is not proof that the Council is filled with Scrooge-like figures - although it may be - because the reason is administrative cockup. The Council has offered to erect Christmas lights by tomorrow but the consensus is that it might be better to spend the money on something else - but what?


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