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News and Comment December 2021

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21 December (Part 2) - Doubting Thomas

You need to be a glass half full sort of person to see this as an unmitigated good news story but someone far more sceptical than me submitted an FOI on Councillor French’s claim to have given up his Councillor’s allowance now that he is MP for Old Bexley & Sidcup.

The only thing I had against Louie French is that I knew nothing about him and he was prepared to support Boris Johnson’s incompetent unConservative government - and then he didn’t - but no way was he a liar who followed the great tradition of Bexley’s Cabinet.

Of course he has given up his ten grand a year.
No allowances

In May Bexley is going to lose a Councillor with principles who fell out with the Council Leader. That is most definitely not good news. All the best Councillors have fallen out with the Leader and the likely newcomers in May 2022 will take time to establish themselves. One has proved himself in Council on a previous occasion so the omens are far from good.

Bexley’s future will be in the hands of Felix, Frazer and Patrick and presumably others yet to be revealed. Assuming of course that an anti-Boris tidal wave doesn’t sweep them all away.


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