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News and Comment December 2021

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22 December (Part 1) - The local good news and the national not good at all

Mayor's TweetThe best Bexley news I can find for today is that an enquiry revealed Mayor James Hunt to be not too badly affected by the dreaded bug but unfortunately his wife is not faring quite so well.

Get well soon both of you and with luck in time for Christmas which unlike last year the law in England permits you to celebrate in the traditional way. For Lo and Behold the Angel of the Lord came down and implanted an embryo back bone into the rather haggard looking frame of an otherwise rudderless Prime Minister.

He has defied the unelected Chris Whitty who would have us all locked up because Omicron has been associated with fourteen deaths. Whitty’s uncontrolled mouth has caused the cautionary voluntary lock down currently wrecking the hospitality industry and provoking the Chancellor into another one billion pound hand out of taxpayers’ cash.

Last weekend I was wondering what gives a Scientific Adviser the right to rule the country when I realised I was sitting opposite one, albeit much lower down the food chain.

I asked if he operated by any set of rules when asked to advise on scientific or engineering matters and found he most certainly was. Whether it be the UK Government, the European Union or individual countries further afield (he is currently working for all three) all issue copious guidelines and all say essentially the same thing. It is basically don’t be a Whitty.

It appears to me that the silliest thing Whitty did was to allow himself to stand alongside the PM and be used by him such that eventually the tail wagged the dog and nobody believed anyone any more.

When you get on a bus, avoid getting squished by a lorry turning left or get your car MoT’d you don’t need to know the range of safety related options the adviser presented to Government or his name. All you need to know is which course the Government decided should become law.


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