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News and Comment December 2021

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28 December (Part 1) - Politics, it is a funny old business

Politics here is a bit, well, err, bonkers isn’t it? Here I am having never voted anything but Conservative in General Elections since 1964, sometimes through gritted teeth, but spending far too much time looking for the bad things that Tories do. Locally it is the Conservatives who have been in charge for nearly 16 years so no one else has been in a position to make serious mistakes. Mistakes which have stolen so much from the quality of life in the borough. Except where they made things really really bad and pulled things back a bit (Children’s Services) nothing very obvious has been improved in Tory Bexley. I have asked several times for evidence of any highways development that proved to be totally satisfactory and welcomed by all. The response suggests that there have been none beyond a Zebra crossing or two.

Nationally the Conservatives are not in charge, we have a Coalition headed by a spineless Liberal in a blond wig supported by Labour and unless a Conservative leader emerges my life long voting record will come to an end quite soon. What a Carrie on!

Well that’s the intro, what’s the point?

I have come to the conclusion that my view of Conservative politics is not far removed from some Bexley Councillors because the choice of who I can contact to confirm or otherwise any gossip that comes my way slowly increases. Three different sources confirmed the list of nine Conservatives who will call it a day come next May. Inside info never comes from Labour Councillors, not since Danny Hackett went Independent anyway. It was a Conservative Councillor who dropped it into the conversation that Joe Ferreira (Labour, Erith) and Brenda Langstead (Labour, Slade Green) would not be seeking re-election.

Goodness knows
who will take their place. The current Labour Group mainly occupies the middle of the left leaning road but some of their leading supporters are far from level-headed. One has said via a solicitor’s letter that she will report me to the police for harassment if I ever mention her name here, which was funny because until I received the threatening letter I didn’t know her name. (I thought I did but my Labour informant got it wrong!)

When the election comes I may have the boys in blue banging on my door again. Actually I doubt it. The days when the Council Leader could trot down to Arnsberg Way and collude with a compliant copper or seek the retrospective falsification of CAD records seem to have gone. Remote Basic Command Units were not all bad after all.


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