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News and Comment December 2021

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30 December (Part 4) - Is it worse than it at first looked?

Not sure to be honest.

My correspondent says that I missed something vital on the freebie dropped kerb application. That the house owner is a Council employee and Section 9 of the application proves it.
Planning Application
I didn’t miss Section 9 but assumed the declaration of being a Member of Staff referred to the man in the Grant Office (the Agent) who had sanctioned spending taxpayers’ cash and signed the application at Section 16 but my correspondent is either working for the Council or was until recently and I accept he may know better than me.

It is a trifle odd that site visits must be arranged with the Agent and not the house owner.

If this case is checked out by a Councillor the mystery may be solved but if it isn’t we will know that no one cares about how our money is spent.


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