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News and Comment February 2021

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1 February (Part 1) - A guessing game but quite likely a good one

Following up on my reference yesterday to political friends always being very kind to a poor old blogger I am not sure if I ever related how Councillor Hackett (Independent, Thamesmead East) delivered all my supplies weekly during the first lockdown and I certainly didn’t mention another who immediately offered to pop round with paracetamol after she heard I was unwell yesterday. Fortunately I had nicked two packs of 100 from East Ham where a certain GP chucks them around like confetti.

They are not the only ones to be regularly in touch via phone calls and text messages. I suspect none of them have worked out yet whether my politics are right or left and to some of them it clearly doesn’t matter. Proper friends. Only one still tries to get me into trouble if an uncomfortable truth leaks out.

Danny Hackett, I assume, has interests beyond helping out pensioners older than his father because after playing at being Mr. Ocado for a few months he simply disappeared. No contact with me nor some of his other old friends. Then out of the blue came a phone call and over an hour or more we caught up with each other’s news. I heard that another complaint had been made against him. Twitter was involved. Isn’t it always?

It’s a while ago now but to the best of my recollection he had been accused of feeding me information and encouraging blogs supporting whichever of his campaigns might be current. Fortunately I faced no such dilemma because there had been no contact with Danny from July through to October.

We have spoken a few times since but he has been strangely reticent about the complaint. I picked up a few snippets here and there but I began to think that silence meant he was in trouble. I no longer believe that to be the case.

There is an element of speculation in what follows but I think that his adversary who twisted Councillor Read’s innocuous words in order to make a complaint against him has accused Danny of feeding me information about the complaint. That Danny had put me up to critical blogs or something like that.

If that is so nothing could be further from the truth. As one well known political name could confirm I had been trying to get in touch with my young friend for ages.

Danny still won’t give me any details except an assurance that the complaint was flung out at the first stage. Maybe Bexley Council is learning, they should have flung out the case against Philip Read too.

Why does the Labour Party allow its reputation to be trashed through association with such people?


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