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News and Comment February 2021

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2 February (Part 2) - Honesty has not been welcomed in Bexley

The Human Resources Manager is a popular bloke isn’t he? I keep getting ‘love letters’ about him and yes I had heard he can call on medical expertise any time he likes without nipping into the Covid test centre. Everyone with aspirations to success in Bexley Council needs to be able to sweet talk and occasionally lie his way to the top. A quick look back to any number of older blogs will provide a flavour of it. Here and here and here for example.

Yesterday I reminded Danny Hackett that I told him before becoming Bexley’s youngest Councillor that he would never get anywhere there because he was too damned honest and so it may have proved. Not wanted by Labour and yet to be accepted by the Conservative top brass for whom deception is a way of life.


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