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2 February (Part 3) - The vindictive and the insane

How times change. A few years ago each Wednesday morning would find me looking for the on-line version of the News Shopper and by mid-afternoon a copy would flop on to my doormat. I still get their daily email update and if a subject catches my eye I may click on the link but at the first sign of a screen obscuring advert or questionnaire I am off. I am not that interested in lost dogs in Sutton.

The Shopper is too often a scurrilous rag peddling unfounded rumour which is a reference to their report last year on my friend Councillor Danny Hackett. I’d not be surprised if there was a connection to his falling out with the Labour Party. Danny has shown me the text message trail which led to his name being dragged through the mud and they convinced me that I am right to keep my mobile number out of the public domain. That way it cannot be used by what in my youth were known as slags and village bikes who make late night pleas for their desires to be satisfied and become the ultimate in women scorned when turned down.

Not the only adversaries intent on Danny’s downfall of course but no one, not even Danny, dictates what appears on Bonkers. Danny phoned yesterday to say my speculative blog was pretty much correct.

TweetI returned to Twitter on 26th September last year to draw attention to police violence in Trafalgar Square and I was referred to the police, not once but four times, for not being enthusiastic about head bashing. Danny has been reported to Bexley Council again.

Sheer madness.

I returned to Twitter on an impulse and Danny had been AWOL for some time. But there you are. The Left can be totally irrational.

Danny let me see an email yesterday; he said I was OK to publish it if I wanted to but I don’t really see the need unless you don’t trust me.

The complaint against Danny was that his actions (i.e. none) had the complainer to suffer abuse on Twitter from both @bexleynews (the Conservative propaganda machine) and Bexley-is-Bonkers. Danny was said to have encouraged me and others to publish details of publicly available posts so that people who were blocked could see them. This is highly convoluted stuff. Danny (who had done sweet FA) was guilty of bullying and harassment and he had brought the Council into disrepute.

There is so much insanity embodied in that short paragraph that it is hard to know where to begin. For a start Danny was nowhere to be seen over the period in question and I had been asking Teresa Pearce if she knew where he had gone. And why be so ashamed of your own Tweets that you are upset if blocked people read them? Juvenile behaviour but trusted to run, so Danny advises, to be in charge of an official Labour account. Hard to believe.

It takes a lot of factual contortion to unite @bexleynews, Danny and me but if factual contortions are your thing you can become a leading light on the outer fringes of politics. Left or right, take your pick.

The complaint was thrown out on first examination by the Head of Bexley’s Human Resources, one Nick Hollier. Not all bad as you can see.

I am looking forward to the appeal.


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