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News and Comment February 2021

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12 February (Part 1) - True colours

TweetThere have been several last straw moments for this life long Conservative voter during the past year while I have watched our Government make almost every wrong Covid related decision possible.

My opinion of them was just beginning to improve when along comes Matt Hancock, the joke of a Minister hell bent on eradicating death entirely and, without seeking so much as a word of advice from the Justice Minister, imposed a ten year prison sentence on anyone desperate to avoid paying £1,750 plus vaccination costs for ten days in a sixty quid a night Travelodge.

But someone well into the Priti Patel Hang ’em High school of retribution thinks it is entirely fair because it might “possibly cause people to die”.

By that measure Hancock should be offered a last fag and a blindfold for he has surely caused more deaths than any rogue traveller. I am now a full year late (last one September 2019) with my six monthly cancer check up and my closest friend is still grieving the suicide of her niece for which lockdown was wholly responsible.

But one Bexley Councillor, little black moustache optional, is entirely happy with what is happening. If he is a Conservative, maybe I am not.


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