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News and Comment February 2021

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16 February (Part 1) - Little lies

TweetBlog restoration has now crept forward into September 2013, a period of peak lying for Bexley Council which led to the police sending a file to the Crown Prosecution Service. I may edit a few to reflect the fact that statements attributed to Councillors, one in particular, were almost certainly forgeries produced by Bexley’s legal department. They were all unsigned and undated and the supposed author of one assured me he had never seen it before when I showed him a copy.

Unfortunately lying is still a way of life in Bexley, no longer serious enough to require reference to the police but constant and insidious none the less.

Like this morning’s Tweet.

I have no idea how many hot meals Bexley delivered and there is no way of checking. It may be true, it might not be.

I only know one couple who received one of Bexley’s food deliveries. It consisted of a loaf of white bread, a pack of digestive biscuits, a handful of tea bags, a few coffee sachets, soya milk, a tin of baked beans, a tin of tuna, a tin of fruit and a packet of dried pasta. Two people for a week! Presumably Bexley Council upped their game later.

Ditto the PPE but we do know that the parking claim is not really true.

After other boroughs began to address the parking issues Bexley Council arranged an exemption for carers but only if they went through the rigmarole of applying for a permit.

Elsewhere Council’s were more magnanimous. In Newham there was no need to apply for an exemption certificate and they went further. Anyone with business there could park for free. They introduced the scheme quickly; it was even mentioned in the Daily Telegraph within a week of the first lockdown being imposed. Barnet Council was several days in front of Bexley in taking action on parking.

Bexley was not the first London borough to create a parking exemption but it was the least generous requiring an application process. It did absolutely nothing for residents who usually took their car to work each day but were compelled to stay at home with no £100 permit.

And which Council ran out of money? It wasn’t Newham and it wasn֦t Barnet. Bexley’s final comment throws doubt on all of their Tweeted claims.


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