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News and Comment February 2021

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20 February - Top talent

Tweet Long ago the weekend Bonkers would be reserved for the light hearted stuff and with more important things to do today and tomorrow it will temporarily return to that theme.

When I first saw this Tweet I fell about laughing at the thought that the Mayor of London was talented at all, let alone be among Labour’s most talented. But I soon stopped laughing.

Standing back and looking at Labour’s national line up I realised that Mr. Chamberlain may have made a valid point.

Kneel Starmer, Emily Thornbury, Jess Philips, Ed Miliband, Angela Rayner, Anneliese Dodds and many more. But be thankful that the list does not include David Lammy, Diane Abacus and Rebecca Long-Bailey.

It’s a dismal thought that the tyranny that actually does run the show is little better.


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