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News and Comment February 2021

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22 February (Part 2) - Boris bollox

It is reported that Johnsonְ֦’s little mutt has chewed on a furniture leg and done a great deal of damage. I’d guess he mauled the top of Johnson’s too and did a great deal more. Our Prime Minister is utterly useless isn’t he except perhaps at bending feeble minds.

Apparently if I dress as an urban spaceman and get tested for a corona virus I can now be trusted to hold an old lady’s hand. Just think what your reaction to that would have been if the plonker had said it a year ago. Brain washing works. Or perhaps not.

It was lovely to see Lesnes Abbey and the adjacent children’s playground mobbed when I was there yesterday lunchtime. People getting on with life after months of it being denied to them. Thank goodness for Prince Charles, if he wants to see his Dad he just does it and so should everyone else - carefully. Johnson. What a bloody cretin.


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