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News and Comment February 2021

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23 February (Part 1) - The Face of Bexley

FriendsI have never liked Facebook. I closed the Bonkers account a couple of years ago but maintain a personal account solely to remain in touch with someone who likes to communicate that way.

About a month ago I deleted the Facebook App from my phone. It was close to impossible to navigate and extraordinarily annoying, not to mention that it is busy tracking your every move and stealing data. And it helps pay Nick Clegg’s salary. What could be worse?

I now only look at Facebook occasionally via a browser but a couple of days ago it delivered a nasty jolt.

Top of the suggestions to choose a friend was this pair. The authors of @bexleynews if I am not mistaken. The ultimate proof that Facebook algorithms collect far too much data and abuse it.

I still don’t know what choosing a Facebook Friend entails and have never clicked on any such suggestion even though occasionally it suggests someone I know very well.


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