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News and Comment January 2021

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12 January - Brexit benefits

Vaccination mapThe vaccination programme seems to be off to a good start and with luck it will ramp up further. I hope my invitation doesn’t come by post, I received a bundle of Christmas cards today; shame really. I was going to cross them off my list for this year.

A friend who lives about 15 miles from Guildford reports that her 83 year old neighbour was invited for vaccination and her daughter drove her there. The recommended parking place was nearly a mile from the medical centre and after joining a long queue of people any one of whom might have been infectious was asked if she was allergic to anything.

“Penicillin” she said. “Sorry you can’t have the vaccination then.”

You would think that would be mentioned on the invitation. It was the Pfizer jab. Maybe the Oxford AstraZeneca one will be more useful.

Those I know of who attended the Bursted Woods facility have had nothing but praise for it.


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