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News and Comment January 2021

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21 January (Part 2) - True or false?

Covid test station Covid test stationThere has been a Covid test centre in the Civic Offices for the past month. I think it is supposed to be for testing people who feel perfectly well but need to know if they are carrying the bug - or maybe are simply paranoid.

I have never quite seen the point. If you had wandered into a GP’s surgery a year ago and said you were as fit as a fiddle but can you test me for ebola the best you could hope for is to be sent away with a flea in your ear. Yesterday the World Health Organisation said much the same thing.

It suggests the positive case numbers are grossly inflated by a poor testing regime.

But that is not the point right now. The general public is encouraged by Bexley Council to come in off the streets and congregate in their offices and some may be asymptomatic Covid carriers. Another dubious concept according to some reports.

The possibly few staff who are still working in the Council offices are complaining - and feeling strongly enough about it to email me - that the building is equipped with a recirculating air conditioning system and the only precautions they have been asked to take while testing occupies the ground floor is to use the lower ground floor kitchen.

It is the one used by Council contractors and other official visitors. So staff are being made to unnecessarily mix with strangers.


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