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News and Comment January 2021

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21 January (Part 4) - Twice as big means twice the money

Knee Hill Knee Hill Knee HillYou can’t say you weren’t warned, Bexley Council announced last October that they aimed to raise more money by installing nine more camera monitored driver traps.

One of them has just appeared at the top of Knee Hill, no enforcement cameras yet as far as I can see.

To be fair it occupies a place where no motorist with any sense stops anyway because if someone approaching from the north and wanting to turn right into the small housing estate finds his way blocked, the tail back can stretch beyond the traffic lights.

However this is Bexley, a dishonest Council looking for money so the yellow box is about eight feet longer than it needs to be to do its job. Look at Photo 3 and the kerb to the left. No one turning into the flats needs that space. Much the same could be said of the far end of the box too although to be fair again, making it a more reasonable length would be unlikely to accommodate an extra vehicle.

Mr & Mrs Sawyer On second thoughts the box is doing its job, I had almost forgotten that the priority is to milk drivers for as much money as possible.

Perhaps it is worth reminding readers that the responsible Cabinet Member has frequently been heard to say he thinks motorists are unfairly penalised. Forked tongues must run in the family.

Maybe it would be better for those living along Abbey Road to use New Road in future. Now that the 469 bus isn't going to use it yet it shouldn’t be too busy and it avoids the dangerous pinch point that Bexley Council has designed into Knee Hill.


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