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News and Comment January 2021

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22 January (Part 1) - Incompetent, uncaring and tyrannical at every level

Our government that is.

It is hard to comprehend just how useless the governance of this country and our borough is.

Yesterday I took a chance by reporting what a Council employee had told me without any corroborative evidence that the Covid Test Centre within the Civic Offices was a risk to staff. I need not have worried, it didn’t take long before another put his head above the parapet. Whatever happened to the Council’s ban on staff looking at this website?

This time the complaint was from a different angle, you may as well read it as it arrived.

I’ve just read your post about Civic staff being concerned about the recycled air they have to share with the general public being tested.
Never mind those prima donnas, what about the poor staff working in the test centre?
No army help for Bexley, they are using mostly Library staff, many of whom are petrified to be working there and were given no choice.
Are they being forced? Yes they certainly are. They are being put at extra unnecessary risk to carry out pointless tests (†).
Sadly the people at the top think its ok to put these people in this position.

So the top brass in Bexley. Teresa O’Neill, Jackie Belton and Co. are happy to dump Library staff into the front line against their will while they work from home? These people are simply disgusting aren’t they?

Probably no less so than those in Government. As a life-long Conservative voter I cannot see how I could possibly vote for them again. Hancock and Patel being by far and away the worst. Unintelligent and tyrannical, a poisonous combination. Do not tempt me into saying what I think should happen to them.

Meanwhile, north of the river I have three cousins plus one cousin’s spouse. All younger than me. All have their vaccination dates set. Here in Bexley; nothing!

Not that I really care. I am cooped up at home alone which must be safer than joining a queue of masked people for an hour happily sharing their bugs together. The vaccination confers no tangible benefits at present, I would still be imprisoned by a government in thrall to bad science.

It was my granddaughter’s 11th birthday yesterday. I saw her on her tenth and I saw her on mine which happily fell on a day when Boris had released us from house arrest. And he offers no respite, no hope, no end. Except ultimately, I hope, of his own incompetent premiership.

† The WHO has confirmed that they are pointless.


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