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News and Comment January 2021

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22 January (Part 3) - Bulb Energy. Heads still in the sand

I emailed Bulb again this morning with my complaint that a misapplied refund had taken my aunt's account from near balance into a significant debit.

The usage there has been below every Direct Debit since June 2020 but a large debit remains, They are now trying to claim back the debit from an account which has consistently overpaid them each month. Since they will not look into how this happened and let me know preferring instead to tell me nothing is wrong I feel entitled to be less than polite to them. They don’t like it, they say I am rude but conversing with the numpties who run Bulb is akin to banging one’s head against a brick wall. They dismiss each and every complaint without explanation.

Either pay this debt off and we can reduce your payments back to what they were, or we continue your payments as they are.

Thanks, Oliver

Oliver refuses to make any effort to discover the cause of their claimed significant debit. Oliver is not very bright is he? Just an uncaring script reader.


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