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26 January (Part 4) - She asked for it

Tory tricksThis may just be my favourite Tweet of the day. @bexleynews hanging the hapless @Sidcup4Remain out to dry for yet another ill-considered Tweet.

The same Sidcup4Remain who reported me to four different Bexley police wards because I am unimpressed by police violence. The same Sidcup4Remain who misquoted one of Councillor Philip Read’s Retweets and then complained to the Code of Conduct Committee about it and the same Sidcup4Remain who appears to have more recently repeated the trick on yet another innocent party.

One might also add the same Sidcup4Remain who called me a coward for openly stating my opinion while she hides behind a pseudonym and thinks that blocking my access to her Twitter account will stop me looking at her outpourings. The sort of extreme leftie who thinks Retweeting a desire to see a political opponent dead is a good idea.

Yes, that Sidcup4Remain.


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