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News and Comment July 2021

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16 July (Part 2) - Bexley Council’s unaided achievements. Will there be an incontrovertible three?

The webcast of this week’s Budget Scrutiny meeting remains nothing but the odd word here and there and a Councillor phoned to confirm that he was unable to listen either. We will presumably never know if new Chairman Howard Jackson recently plucked from obscurity managed to rise to the challenge of being as good at the job as his financially aware predecessor Andy Dourmoush.

Tweet I suspect that webcasting is highly automated and bad recordings can find their way on line without anyone knowing about it if the operatives have been lulled into a false sense of security by past successes. I am hoping that things will be perfect next Wednesday because for only the second time Bexley-is-Bonkers will get a mention in the Council Chamber.

The first time was when the Deputy Leader fresh from lying on BBC TV said he “didn’t read that crap”. This time things should be far more civilised.

On 1st July a whole load of Council achievements were listed here none of which were as far as I could see benefiting residents and I genuinely couldn’t think of anything positive to say.

Using Twitter I asked readers if they could come up with something for balance but none did. I have since wondered if the cob statue in Erith would qualify but after that I still draw a blank. It is possible that the cob doesn’t meet my criterion of being funded by Bexley Council and not by a benefactor.

Maybe we are about to find out because Sidcup resident Dimitri Shvorob has asked the Leader to answer the question no Bonkers’ reader could. I am really looking forward to the list which will be published here. Three improvements in ten years. Has Bexley Council been that ‘good’?


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