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News and Comment July 2021

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29 July - Bexley good. Bromley bad

The Evening Standard newspaper reported yesterday that Bexley Council had the least number of upheld Local Government Ombudsman complaints recorded against it and Bromley was only one complaint away from being worst. The Standard didn’t say for which year but it couldn’t have been 2019 because that year 55% of all LGO complaints came from Bexley.

There is no bromley-is-bonkers but residents there can subscribe to a monthly newsletter; I usually get to see it. They are still livid about the imposition of a cycle Lane on Crofton Lane which frequently causes gridlock because no one can pass if a bus stops, or in one case an invalid carriage user decides that the road is a better option than the cycle path. Bromley Council consulted residents but only 26 of them and not the police or ambulance service.

An FOI revealed that the Council secured fund on the basis that Crofton Lane was in London’s top 5% for the potential to get drivers on their bikes. Further enquiries revealed that the actual number was 21,000 drivers. In other words it was forecast that every single car and van driver would throw their ignition key away and get in the saddle.

Presumably it is safe to assume that every Conservative Council is stuffed full of liars taking their lead from Downing Street.


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