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News and Comment June 2021

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2 June - Enjoy it while you can

Viewing gallery Line to The GherkinThe park I can look out on while I sit at my computer has been beautiful on recent sunny days. I can be sitting on a bench alongside the Monk’s Garden within three minutes of locking my door or climb the hills into the woods if I feel more energetic. The clear air has provided a magnificent view of the City skyline. I still find it annoying that The Gherkin obscured the view of the BT Tower which I saw built when I joined the GPO in 1962, but that is nothing to what will happen eventually.

If you draw a line from the Gherkin to the Lesnes Abbey Viewing Gallery it goes straight through the site known as 500 Abbey Road where Bexley Council gave permission for a 10 storey tower block to be built.

To give some idea of the impact, Peabody’s tower will be higher than the telephone exchange (the yellow block in the middle distance in Photo 1) and standing on higher ground.

Google Earth

A blue line has been drawn from Lesnes Abbey to The Gherkin but Photoshop allows a width of only 3 pixels. Please enlarge image.


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