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News and Comment June 2021

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3 June - Demanding, menacing, threatening - Episode 2

The menacing letter didn’t simply arrive courtesy of a second class stamp and a local postmark it came from a City solicitor with an EC3 address. As implied on Tuesday there are some decent people in Bexley Labour so I was tipped off about its likely arrival a week earlier.

A site search revealed that the complainant had never merited a reference here until I was verbally attacked for my opinion of the Metropolitan Police but was additionally associated, and publicly admitted to being so, with a frivolous complaint against Councillor Read and later against Councillor Hackett. @bexleynews came in for on-line criticism alleging that they were content to see school children go hungry during half term. Never named because the complainant prefers to hide behind Twitter anonymity.

I referred every BiB reference to a libel lawyer who reported back that what was published here got “nowhere near the threshold for being libellous or defamatory” and I additionally dug out my correspondence with Bexley police which advised that in reporting news “as a journalist” I could not be held liable for harassment unless my comments were “racist or very extreme”.

Thus reassured I went back to sleep for a week.


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