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News and Comment June 2021

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8 June - Demanding, menacing, threatening - Episode 3

I have wondered what the point is of writing about someone who makes news but claims the right to have it suppressed when that someone is unknown to almost everyone reading these words. But it is an important point, little enough Council news is reported already and the right to put a ban on some of it cannot be accepted.

Let’s get this over with as briefly as possible…

When the letter finally arrived I found that some facts had been stood on their head and someone whose first ever contact was a Twitter attack on me for having “no respect for the police whatsoever” was behind the solicitor’s letter. Someone whose name has never been mentioned here and won’t be (I wasn’t sure of it until recently) was said to be distressed by my publication of the aforesaid antagonistic Tweet and some follow-ups. The same someone who admitted accusing Councillor Philip Read of making racist comments and who Councillor Hackett later revealed was behind complaints against him.

Apparently I should have known that the anonymous Tweeter would be distressed by the reappearance of their Tweets on BiB and I was therefore guilty of harassment. Would someone stressed by seeing their own ‘critical of all and sundry’ Tweets featured here continue to send them or stop or even let me know? Surely everyone must know by now that messages of that type sent to me are likely to appear on-line?

I passed the letter to my libel lawyer who had already said that I had no reason to fear a libel claim and he responded by saying it was “waffle” and solicitors have no business sending out such nonsense just because a client asks them to do so. That is fleecing the gullible.

He kindly drafted me a letter of complaint to the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority and a set of notes that could form a basis for reporting the solicitor and her client to the police for issuing menacing threats. I now have a Crime Number in respect of the solicitor but not her client. I felt that reporting the client to the police for what my solicitor said amounted to bribery was sinking to the same level as that client.

Maybe I am just too nice. 😄

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