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News and Comment June 2021

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9 June (Part 2) - Demanding, menacing, threatening, censoring - Episode 4

The threat from the solicitor was that if I didn’t remove eleven old blogs in their entirety her client would report me to the police for harassment not withstanding the fact that the blogs merely reported the client’s publicly available Tweets and highlighted a certain amount of double standards. Others were simple news items relating to Bexley’s Code of Conduct Committee meetings.

I asked the Labour personality who tipped me off about the likelihood of a letter if he could get his activist to explain why she was being so aggressive and why she had waited a whole eight months after I had responded to her initial Twitter attack to launch another.

After two such requests I received an email from the aggressor herself. It revealed that the delay was related to the appointment of a new Labour Leader and the opportunity to jump in quickly before the newcomer had time to get his feet under the table.

The email was titled “Removal of 11 blogs” and I was commanded not only to remove the eleven blogs but also “to desist from referencing me or my Twitter account in the future”. There was a direct reference to the Harassment Act 1997 and an equally direct threat to use it.

So I was not to be allowed to report the outcome of the complainant’s appeal against the rejection of her most recent complaint against Councillor Danny Hackett. I don’t think that is how news reporting works.

If Danny reveals the outcome to me he can expect to see it reported here.

For your convenience all the blogs on this subject may be read in sequence here.


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