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News and Comment June 2021

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10 June - Demanding, menacing, threatening, censoring - Episode 5

Arguing with friends is something I simply cannot remember doing or wanting to do. Public arguments I can definitely do without which is why the final response to the threatened police action is relegated to ‘The Compendium Page’. It may be a useless gesture towards ducking out of an argument but it makes me feel better and life is depressing enough already.

It might have been easier to ignore the recent threat but the arrogance of someone who thinks she can constantly complain about Councillors without good cause, see the complaints thrown out and then compound their misery by appealing the decisions, believing that no one has any right to know what is going on is the definition of Cloud Cuckoo Land. Banning news. Whatever next?

I knew nothing about this complainant except that I had seen a number of left leaning Tweets but out of nowhere, last September, I was attacked for my opinion of the police which will no doubt be amply confirmed next Tuesday. By way of a response the complainant’s unsavoury Retweets and unwarranted tussles with Councillors Philip Read and Danny Hackett were given an airing. Others Councillors have indicated suffering similarly but don’t want to elaborate on their situations. Maybe the sources were different.

Eight months later a solicitor’s letter and threat to go to the police if eleven blogs are not immediately removed. When eleven are modified to satisfy the menacing demands I am told there is still a way to go.

Over twelve years of blogging I have learned that there is absolutely nothing one can do to combat corruption, dishonesty or stupidity in public life. If a politician commits a crime against an ordinary person the very highest authority in the police will be called in “to resolve their situation” but if the ordinary person hits back he is likely to be arrested. There was such a case here in Bexley very recently which one day may go public.

Maybe I should give up reporting what little goes on within Bexley Council or at least take a rest until the new Cabinet meets on Monday week.


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