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News and Comment June 2021

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12 June - Lesnes. Bexley’s Green Slime Park

Green flag Egyptian Goose Fox PondThere is no doubt that the bulk of Lesnes Abbey Green Flagged Park is beautiful and well used but less so if you venture down to the pond that borders Abbey Road.

It used to be dry by this time of the year but restoration sorted it out (See Photo 4) and the wild life flourished. Herons, mallards and geese fed on the tadpoles and small frogs that swarmed in the reasonably clear water.

But not any more. The geese fled to my roof top before disappearing completely and all that is left is a family of Moorhens which walk on the slimy surface searching for food. There are about ten there but they scatter into the reeds at the slightest sound.

The possibility of them enjoying a splash has long gone and predators are free to walk over the surface and sniff them out.

Would it be allowed in Danson Park?

Slime Slime Slime Slime


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