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News and Comment June 2021

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21 June (Part 2) - Feeble minded Phil

Two Bexley Council meetings will be webcast this week so it won’t be too long before BiB can begin to forget about treading water. Meanwhile, as is so often the case, Councillor Philip Read is anxious to fill the gap, this time with total idiocy. Give grateful thanks to Philip.

Delivering essential leafletsIt is pretty much accepted practice that at election time politicians go door-stepping and delivering leaflets to get their message through to an electorate which might otherwise be in ignorance of it.

Alongside is Councillor Philip Read (Conservative, West Heath) bragging that he has trudged to every letterbox in his ward while standing outside the very last house on his round.

Read must think that delivering leaflets is a very important part of the democratic process and it is; how else would the not terribly interested voter know the name of a candidate let alone be given an insight into his mindset? Councillor Read thinks so too, he wouldn’t be so keen to waste the shoe leather otherwise.

At election time and again yesterday I complained that boasting about not delivering Peter Fortune’s leaflet to my address was not the action of a rational canvasser. Why would anyone do that? Perhaps Mr. Fortune should ask the Bexley Councillor who knowingly failed to deliver his message what the Hell he was playing at.

Councillor Read was not happy with my implied question and he immediately went on the defensive, never having heard of Dennis Healey’s recommendation to stop digging when in a hole.

Read, always keen to demonstrate that he is not the sharpest Tool in the Cabinet, dug himself more firmly into his hole than before.

TweetHe argued that not voting for someone you know nothing about is "totally superficial". Why? If people are happy to vote for someone they don’t know why is Read so keen to deliver a leaflet to every dwelling?

There are no doubt people happy to vote for a donkey so long as it is sporting the right coloured rosette but I am not one of them. I cannot assume that Peter Fortune is a good bloke just because he is a Tory; I fell for that one in December 2019 and saddled myself with a Green, high spending, frequently lying, friends’ pocket lining dictator.

I am not going to do that again. For the record I voted for Shaun Bailey to be Mayor, sometimes the alternative is just too awful to contemplate.


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