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News and Comment March 2021

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3 March (Part 2) - Greedy burghers

During this evening’s Full Council meeting in Bexley the independent Councillor for Thamesmead East threw a surprise, or maybe I should say spanner into the works. Danny Hackett suggested a budget amendment: that Councillors should forego their annual pay rise - 3% this year - in recognition of the collective mess they have made of the borough’s finances.

When he spoke my first thought was that he would get backing from the Tories at least as not to do so could only look bad, very bad indeed. In Councillor Hackett’s own words “contemptible”.

However even after twelve years of reporting on Council meetings I still haven’t got my head around what motivates Councillors. Danny not only got no support from his former Labour party colleagues which was to be expected but he got absolutely zero support from the Conservatives too.

The staff who have lost their jobs due to Council ineptitude are sure to be thrilled for them.

Councillor Hackett’s unsupported amendment.


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