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News and Comment March 2021

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7 March - Recycling old rubbish

RecyclingThe refuse collection service in my road is pretty good. It is very rare to find litter dropped in the street and quite often my bin is returned to its hiding place 20 feet or so from the road.

I have always thought it odd that that my green bin is emptied on a Friday and on the other side of the road their collection is made on Thursday but why should I worry about that?

The service is good but best recycling rate in London for 16 years? Not so sure, and doesn’t that credit Labour for introducing the basics of the present scheme at the end of their time in power?

Last time I looked into the claim to be London’s best recycler I found it wasn’t true and there was an element of creative accounting behind the annual calculation.

Ten years ago Harrow was best for composting. Bromley, Harrow, Hillingdon, Kingston, Sutton, Kensington and Chelsea and Richmond all beat Bexley for dry waste. However because we were such keen gardeners producing much more green waste than any other borough, Bexley’s overall recycling tonnage per capita managed to edge it into third place. No. 8 for dry recycling and No. 2 for compost resulted in a third place in London.

It may well be that it is the green waste service that still swings Bexley into a position at or near the top.

Some statistics were published here at the time, cribbed from the London Councils website.

Bexley Council offers a pretty good recycling service but what no one should ever do is assume that @bexleynews tells the truth. Most of the time they do not.


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