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News and Comment March 2021

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9 March (Part 3) - Confusing or what?

Electric charging pointI had a phone call today from someone who received a PCN for parking in an electric car charging bay in Blackfen at 18:32 on Saturday evening.

The driver asked me what could be done about it. She had correctly displayed the Blue Badge and said she was in Tesco for just under five minutes.

Assuming the bay was for EVs only I said that nothing could be done, best pay the discounted £55 as soon as possible.

Since then I took a look at the signage via Google Street View.

Probably it is deliberate but I had to read Bexley’s confusing sign a couple of times before I think I understood.

I’m not sure but my interpretation is that it says Monday to Saturday, 8 until 6:30 it is an ordinary parking bay but outside those hours it is for electric cars only.

Presumably that is a reaction to the fact that Bexley’s EV bays rob shoppers of parking bays but to no good effect. Chargers are internet connected so I logged into that one to see how often it is used. Not at all in the past seven days.

The sign doesn’t say anything about Blue Badge use but if the time of the ticket is after 8 a.m. I cannot see why it wasn’t free to park and an entirely valid use. Unless charging bays are an exception, Bexley never charges Blue Badge holders.

Any experts out there? The car is Motability and the owner is on benefits.

I am not surprised that Bexley’s car charging points have proved to be unused white elephants. Electricity over priced and parking fee on top. Another 30% extra in three weeks time.

Note: The expert in these matters reverts to my original assumption that the bay is for EVs only who must additionally pay for parking within the stated hours. Not surprising that EV drivers boycott it.


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