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News and Comment March 2021

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15 March (Part 2) - The excuses don’t wash

Police Commissioner Cressida Dick is still clinging to her job and various people are spinning the line that the Clapham Common vigil was an illegal protest and that provides the excuse for her doing whatever she pleases.

If we ignore the fact that a judge had encouraged reaching an agreement between the vigil organisers and the police and the latter refused to play ball and if you take the view that the police were only enforcing government regulations, it still doesn’t excuse what the uniformed thugs were prepared to do. Like shoving a woman with her hands up in a surrender gesture while looking for her glasses that had fallen to the ground. The push was so violent that the old woman was thrown forward on to her face.

It doesn’t matter that a mere slip of a girl might be a political activist, the correct course may have been to simply issue a £200 fine, which the thugs did 20 minutes later after handcuffing the woman and dragging her face down into the mud.

She was no threat. Out of control police are the threat to civilised society.

I heard former Chief Constable of Manchester Sir Peter Fahy on the radio at about 17:30 this evening saying that Cressida Dick was a woman of the highest integrity and should not resign.

If what Alastair Morgan said about her a year ago reaches the final draft of the report into his brother’s murder we will see just how truthful that plaudit may be. What do you think the chances of that are?


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