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News and Comment March 2021

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16 March (Part 2) - Rebellious or senseless?

I had to make another ‘assisting a vulnerable person’ trip today. Openreach fixed the mistaken number change problem this morning and the internet sprung back into life but the telephone on an extension socket no longer worked. The fiddling around had fractured one of the conductors inside the insulated cable. Replaced the lot and all is well again.

The journey was Abbey Wood by Thameslink to London Bridge and Northern Line to Old Street. Exactly the same coming back. Four perfect connections too!

On the way out I saw three adults on trains not wearing masks and on the way back twelve. I didn’t bother counting people on platforms or in passageways.

The strangest incident was two unmasked females with three small children as we approached Abbey Wood. The latter were being lectured on the danger of touching the handrails.

Personally I doubt masks do an awful lot of good but it is hard to argue they do real harm to most of us and on a half full tube train mine gave me a small amount of confidence that all would be well.

The fifteen had two things in common, with one exception they all looked to be well under 30 years old and they were all…

Well I will leave you to guess, but maybe it explains some of the recent fatality statistics.


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