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News and Comment March 2021

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16 March (Part 3) - Throwing police officers under a bus

There are no police officers in my family although my closest friend has one and you should have heard what she was saying about the police in general yesterday. Anecdotes on a par with mine and then there is my daughter who has had meetings with, it may be three - not sure, Home Secretaries because of police corruption.

I do know two ex-police officers, one Mick Barnbrook who can keep you amused (or not) with a whole load of stories about incompetent and probably corrupt senior officers. The other is a local resident still occasionally in the public eye and I forget exactly why he resigned but his reasons were definitely not at all complimentary. I seem to remember lazy and work shy came into it somewhere.

There are a few good cops around, Over the years I have received two emails from low ranking serving officers in support of battles with unsavoury Councillors.

The aforesaid vulnerable persons visit today clarified some of my Priti Patel and Cressida Dick questions too. Watch this space!

Mick Barnbrook has referred me to a devastating statement by a serving officer. A policeman’s lot is not a happy one.

Web extract
The bill that is going through Parliament right now is not going to help at all. The current Home Secretary may yet prove to be the worst ever in a crowded field. Once the police start to arrest people with megaphones at Speaker’s Corner it will be the police’s reputation that takes a dive, not an inadequate failure of a Home Secretary.

I have saved the text from the linked website in case it disappears. Trust no one!


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