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News and Comment March 2021

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19 March (Part 4) - Where is Bexley’s three million?

I don’t really understand the situation with Bexley Council’s Rockfire investment. If you search the websites of Thurrock, Havering or oneSource for clues bits and pieces show up but in Bexley one draws a blank. Rockfire was a solar panel company that went bust.

Press reports said that Thurrock Council stood to lose £450 million but Havering and Bexley only put in £3 million each. The interest rate of 4% was just too much to resist. (If something looks too good to be true it probably is.)

But Havering got their money back with interest while Bexley has not said a word about the Rockfire money.

It’s all a little odd given that the man who sorted things out in Havering is now here in Bexley. Is he still a oneSource man? I thought Bexley had paid up on its penalty clause and pulled out.

What a shambles!

First three document extracts from Havering Council’s website.

Edited extract from the full list of Havering’s investments.

Money back

Where is Bexley’s £3 million?


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