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News and Comment March 2021

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20 March (Part 2) - Beware of scams

I receive remarkably little spam email, almost none in fact and that is because I am able to take precautions and protect the various addresses I use. It’s the same with the landline, no nuisance calls get through to me but it seems to be impossible to protect a mobile number.

I used not to give the number to anyone but the banks and some retailers now demand it; and they must leak it and so the number spreads around. I have never actually been involved in a road accident but my phone tells me I have every week or two.

Last week the following messages arrived and the first was momentarily concerning because I was due a first ever package from HMV - they were cheaper than Amazon. Then I remembered that my excellent postman had handed me the parcel earlier in the day.

As for PayPal, I am not even absolutely sure what it is. I have never used it and certainly wouldn’t open an account with them.
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