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News and Comment May 2021

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7 May (Part 2) - Not in the real world

Alison Pearson who writes a weekly column for the Daily Telegraph may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for me at least she absolutely hit the nail on the head on Wednesday. With illustrations from a bulging postbag she related how the National Health Service has pretty much collapsed. Today’s death at home figures confirm it.

A short extract from her article is shown below left.

If I was to rate the villains of Covid, General Practitioners would top the list followed by the police, SAGE, school teachers and the Government. In every case, SAGE excepted possibly, one must add the proviso “not all of them” but a sizable minority at the very least. They have failed the population to varying degrees.

Welling GP Nikki Kanani begs to differ with Alison and was given space for her reply today. She was my computer programming friend’s doctor in Welling and he spoke highly of her before he died anyway, a loss I feel almost daily.

It may be going too far to say that Nikki talks rot but like all people who rise to hold top positions she will be surrounded by sycophants anxious to please and to quote carefully selected statistics. From almost every quarter I hear similar albeit less traumatic examples of NHS failure.

I waited a year for a telephone consultation but managed to get one face to face in late March. I was fast tracked for two scans as a cancer precaution and QEH didn’t hang about, but the GP certainly has. Not a word.

I called into his surgery in the hope of getting a post-scan verdict but that is not allowed without an appointment. I took note of a telephone number and email address. The phone number refers patients to the web and the email disappears never to be heard of again.

Nikki may be right about the GPs’ practices she is allowed to look at but unfortunately that places her firmly in cloud cuckoo land.

My experience is probably trivial but there can be no doubt that attitudes such as Nikki’s are killing people.

Mick Barnbrook with his rare heart disease neglected for at least nine months was transferred from Ramsgate to St. Thomas’ Hospital a fortnight ago and my conversations with him cause me to be a little less pessimistic for his future than I was. All fingers crossed!

Alsion Pearson NHS nonsense

I have just had a masked man at my door sporting a yellow Bexley jacket asking if I would consider taking a weekly I think he said, Covid test. I told him I would not unless he could convince me that testing the healthy twice vaccinated was anything but a ruse to artificially inflate the number of cases. He didnְ’t even try.


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