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News and Comment May 2021

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12 May (Part 1) - Suspicious or what?

For those who have followed Alastair Morgan’s campaign to expose police corruption following the murder of his brother Daniel 34 years ago, some worrying news. The Inquiry ordered by Home Secretary Theresa May eight years ago will not now publish its report next Monday as previously announced. No one knows why but those in charge have not been very helpful just recently. They at first banned family members like me from the Family Room to prevent them witnessing the Press Conference - something that is still being contested - and then went further by deferring the whole thing.

Some Twitter accounts have speculated that it will be only a one week deferral but I am assured by those closest to the action that the 24th May is by no means guaranteed.

Alastair has been too busy with journalists in recent days to speak to me but if I were to speculate it would be that some serious redaction is going on. Mrs. May wouldn’t have dreamed of the depths of corruption that has been a fact of life in the Metropolitan Police and if the Investigation Panel has done its job properly they will have exposed some pretty well known names.

I’d guess that the current Home Secretary would not be happy with that, she did after all want to cut the Inquiry short when first appointed.

Meanwhile I am charged with updating the Justice4Daniel website. It has been neglected in favour of Twitter in recent years but may come back into its own when the report is eventually published. Will I ever find higher resolution images more suited to high speed broadband?


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