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News and Comment May 2021

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14 May (Part 2) - NHS closed for business

Doctor Nikki Kanani has flipped again. From recommending last September that GPs meet patients in person, to switching to on-line only a couple of months ago, The Daily Telegraph reports today that she is back to favouring proper doctoring.

We are supposed to believe that such people are competent. God help us!

Daily Telegraph Daily Telegraph

Bexley Clinical Commissioning GroupWith Bexley Group Practice not letting me enquire in person following my two ‘urgent’ scans and leaving me in ignorance for a month by not responding to either phone or email, I thought it was time I contacted Bexley’s Clinical Commissioning Group where Doctor Kanani was once its Chief Clinical Officer.

The BCCG helpfully puts its email address on its website. Unfortunately like much of the NHS it doesn’t actually work

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