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News and Comment May 2021

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19 May (Part 1) - All’s well that ends well

I was pretty impressed when I found the Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group website a week ago, it seemed to be genuinely sympathetic to the needs of patients. It was not so pleasing when I found their email address was bad and their phone numbers didn’t answer.

Yesterday the CCG phoned me. I have no idea how they found my landline number, maybe I was traced through my on-line complaints but if so nothing was said about it. A mystery.

It was explained to me that the BCCG does not exist any more and amalgamated with others to form the SE London CCG. Why the old website is allowed to exist I have no idea, a pop up notice and a redirection to SECCG would be a trivial bit of coding.

The lady was every bit as helpful as the BCCG website said they would be but I also learned that the postal address provided on it is out of date too. The office staff cannot be blamed for that but it doesn’t look good and probably has confused far more than me.

I am now the proud possessor of a new email address, a phone number and the direct line to the Bexley department. With a record of two complaints in 34 years I am hoping not to use them

The lady suggested to me that if Bexley Group Practice has gone five weeks without telling me of the scan results I can probably assume there is nothing to worry about. I hope she is right.


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