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News and Comment May 2021

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22 May - Recycling tip

New bin Paper ballBexley Council left houses at the end of my road with no paper recycling facilities for more than a month and the bins weren’t emptied for about six weeks before that. Arguably it wasn't their fault but they could have been a lot quicker solving the problem.

On Thursday this week a brand new bin was delivered, a bit awkward to use as it has been placed back to front but I expect that will be fixed eventually.

Meanwhile we weren’t sure what to do with the accumulated paper. My solution was to tear it into smallish chunks, envelopes torn into three or four bits etc. and throw it into the bowl of hot water after doing the washing up. Leave it five minutes, ruffle it up a bit and squeeze it. A week’s worth went down to the size of a small grapefruit. I was thinking of tossing it in the green bin but the new paper recycling bin turned up in the nick of time.

I suspect if we all turned our envelopes and junk mail into papier-mâché Bexley Council could use smaller waste trucks. Saves money on buying a shredder too. When dried out it might even save on heating costs if you have a wood burning stove.

Normal service may be resumed next week.


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