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News and Comment May 2021

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26 May (Part 2) - Council News as it happens

The first live Full Council Meeting in more than a year is underway in Bexley.

• Labour nominate Councillor Esther Amaning for Mayor. Proposed and seconded by Councillors Nicola Taylor and Mabel Ogundayo.
• Conservative Cafer Munur nominates James Hunt exactly as predicted. Seconded by Councillor Peter Craske.
• Inevitable vote in favour of Mayor James Hunt. Bexley Conservatives are not very keen on sharing. There has not been a follow on Mayor since 1950-1952.
• Mrs. Hunt Mayoress. Councillor Alan Downing Deputy Mayor with his wife Ros as Deputy Mayoress. I do like how Bexley Council refuses to adopt the language of woke.
• The Mayor announces that the Councillor Allowance increase that they volunteered not to accept this year will be spent on a thank you event for Covid volunteers thereby adopting the Hackett Amendment that the Conservatives threw out at the last meeting.
• Previous Deputy Mayor Sue Gower is, if I heard correctly while popping over to the fridge, (†) promoted to Cabinet status so presumably Alex Sawyer has been thrown out for sometimes being too honest for his own good.
• David Leaf is the new Deputy Leader as yet another honest Councillor decides it is not the job for him. Cafer Munir is rewarded with a Cabinet job too.
• The Council Leader who appears to be firmly in position as always introduced a new F word into her vocabulary. Fabulous has been added to fantastic.
• Councillor Stefano Borella the new Labour Leader congratulated the new old Mayor.
• Councillor Dave Putson (Labour, Belvedere) was invited to speak but was completely inaudible as he is not sufficiently senior to merit a microphone.
• The Council formally adopted the Hackett Amendment on Allowances because good things must be laid at the Conservatives door and no credit given to anyone else.
• The meeting closed at 20:08.

† Confirmed. The Mayor only made two jokes about his girth. Must do better!


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