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News and Comment May 2021

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30 May (Part 2) - It’s a dirty business

As Councillor Hackett’s Tweets have indicated Bexley politics is not all Sweetness and Light but maybe it is the same everywhere.

My son’s school friend has been a member of the Conservative Party in North East Hampshire where Hart District Council has been an Independent stronghold for as long as anyone can remember. It was when I last lived there and that is nearly 40 years ago.

The friend was persuaded to stand as a ‘paper’ candidate this month in a seat he couldn’t win - but he did thanks to the blue wave that washed over much of the country.

My son describes his friend as resilient and thick skinned which is just as well. He has ignored the death threats.

Maybe he shouldnְ’t, Hart District Council unlike secretive Bexley gives Councillors’ home addresses prominence on its website.


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