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News and Comment May 2021

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31 May - End of the month roundup

TweetIt is not worth making any great effort on the last day of any month because the page will flip over tomorrow and probably be forgotten.

I should have thanked those who enquired about my six week overdue scan results. Phone and email enquiries to the GP’s surgery, the Clinical Commissioning Group and the Director of Public Health all fell on deaf ears. I had given up on them reassured by the fact that I felt reasonably certain that the doctor’s worst fears would not be realised.

Then out of the blue the referring GP phoned last week and gave me the answer which was not much different to what I expected. Decent GP let down by abysmal support services.

The reconvening quiz team caught up on the news. Fortunately there was nothing particularly bad on the Covid front. The son of one member was deemed to be positive on a PCR test but never felt unwell and another said the man on the turnstile at the Leyton Orient ground had died.

The nearest anyone had been to a Covid death was the neighbour who fell off a ladder three weeks after a positive test.


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