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News and Comment November 2021

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4 November (Part 3) - Your cheating Tory Council

While the bin men were on strike I marked my calendar with an X every time they missed my garden waste bin. I calculated they owed me five collections. Sure enough Bexley Council has announced a ten week contract extension.
Bin contractIf I was nitpicking I would say that the strike hit weeks were a bigger loss of service than the figures alone suggest. A three week gap followed by a one week gap may not give sufficient time to fill the bin up again.

More of a problem is that my ten week extension will cover December, January and February, not exactly the peak of the gardening season, but hang on a minute, collections are stalled over Christmas and New Year so I won’t get five ‘hardly worth having during Winter’ collections I will only get four.

Bexley Council can absolutely be relied upon to cheat residents out of their money whenever they can. It is no good them bleating that the contract is being extended to ensure “a full service”, I lost my Winter collections as per contract ten months ago and I should not lose them twice. Nor should you.


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