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News and Comment November 2021

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4 November (Part 5) - Temporary accommodation. Bexley’s burning issue

176/178 Slade Green Road 176/178 Slade Green Road 176/178 Slade Green RoadThere was a fire at 176/178 Slade Green Road on Tuesday, that is what the painter working on the church next door told me. Fire engines, the lot according to him.

It looked as though there might be some smoke damage and the rubbish lying nearby would be tempting for any passing arsonist.

So why is this interesting?

Because the houses shown are listed on Bexley Council’s asset register.

Bexley Council said eight years ago that it didn’t insure its property which remembering my 16 months working for Prudential Assurance is a sensible thing for a big property owner to do, but it will be doing their reserves and housing problem no good at all. But at least it has a roof so maybe it is still fit for habitation by Bexley’s standards.

With thanks to the painter and my man in Watling Street.


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