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News and Comment November 2021

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7 November (Part 3) - The James Hunt Appreciation Society

The lengthy write up on the Leader’s report provoked several thoughts of my own.

Councillor Francis not getting a reply to his July questions and the revelation that the Council has now lost them brought me closer to home. I have questions, requests, whatever, outstanding with four Councillors, two from Labour and one each from the other two Groups. It would have been five but Labour responded to one just a few minutes ago. Probably I am impatient, none are much more than a week old. (Ooops, just checked, one is a full month old. Gone in a Junk folder probably.)

I think the Thames Estuary Board’s recommendation on the Crossrail extension mentioned by the Leader is a load of old bunkum fudged by people who may have long ago owned a box of Hornby Dublo but lost the control unit. I know there will be a lot of railway enthusiasts out there ready to pounce but I really do think it is impractical nonsense. I briefly passed my thoughts by Councillor Stefano Borella who is the only Bexley Councillor who might know that a pantograph is not a child’s drawing implement and I don’t think he disagrees with me.

Maybe the Councillor whose garden has a model train running round it would care to comment too? On an otherwise quiet day this half baked Crossrail plan will be dissected.

MayorLastly I should perhaps comment on me being a little ‘cruel’ towards Mayor James Hunt after last week’s Council Meeting did not run quite as smoothly as he would have wished.

Every barb directed at poor James was cleared with him beforehand primarily to ensure an accurate Bonkers report after the mics proved to be less than adequate for noises off but also to make sure he was happy to be the subject of a drift towards mickey taking. His response was littered with Ha Ha and he said everything reported was fair.

James is a great guy. Someone needs to be in Blackfen & Lamorbey if only to balance the scales of integrity in that ward.

You know he is a man of the people when you publish this photograph and he writes back a thank you to tell you it is one of his favourites. “I love that picture.”

James for Leader. Council that is; to add to being Scout Leader.


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