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News and Comment November 2021

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9 November (Part 4) - Roofless plagiarism

Daily Mail The Daily Mail is today reporting what Nicola Taylor first reported on !5th October and featured here a couple of times since.

The subject is the roofless house in Erith for which a caring Bexley Council initially expressed no concern.

Fortunately Labour Councillor Nicola Taylor (Erith) is a little obsessed by bad housing in Bexley; well someone has to be.

The Mail credits the photographs to My London but they are the same as featured here, cropped differently, three weeks ago. They are Nicola’s photos.

There are only three lady Conservative Councillors who would give me the time of day and on occasions they have been known to pass me a message. Today was one of those special days. One of the three - and you must remember that this whole subject is very much tongue in cheek - gently chided me this afternoon for suggesting that modern Conservatives are sartorially speaking, just a bunch of old school Socialists. I am happy to accept that the ladies owe more to Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May than to Bessie Braddock.


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