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News and Comment November 2021

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10 November (Part 1) - How low can he go?

Twitter The reliably obnoxious Conservative Member for West Heath has attempted to influence an election by implying that the Labour candidate in the Old Bexley & Sidcup by-election represents a party of crooks.

It was notable that in the list of crooked MPs published yesterday it was those from Labour who went to jail while the Conservatives were by and large allowed to quietly slip away and one might wonder at the impartiality of the judiciary but to link his own Council colleague to criminal activity is surely several steps too far.

What has been the situation locally?

• It was a Conservative MP, in OB&S no less, who was found to have misappropriated his expenses and kicked out of the party.
• It was a Conservative Leader of Bexley Council who received a six month suspended jail sentence for pocketing more than he was due.
• It was a Conservative Councillor who was arrested for Misconduct in a Public Office after authoring an obscene blog.
• It was a Conservative Councillor whose name was on a file that the police sent to the Crown Prosecution Service. (Misconduct in a Public Office again but the file was mysteriously lost in circumstances never officially explained.)
• It was a Conservative Member selected to be a Councillor in a safe seat who was arrested by the police for theft.
• It was the President of The Thamesmead and Erith Conservative Association who resigned her post because her standards of transparency and openness fell below the required standard.

If there is a criminally inclined party in Bexley history shows that it is not Labour.


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